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AlphaAlerts Sign-Up

Alpha Baptist Text and Voice Alerts are now available. You can now receive text alerts about all Alpha Baptist ministries, in addition to or instead of OneCallNow Voice messages.

  • If your cell phone number is already in our system and you would like to begin receiving text messages when possible, please send a Text Message with the word ALERT to 22300. You will receive a confirmation message that you are signed up for AlphaText Alerts.
  • If you are currently receiving voice messages and you would like to begin receiving texts or voice messages at additional numbers, please click on the link below in the OneCallNow banner page that says "Add Contact Information for Alpha Baptist Church," and follow the instructions.
  • If your number is currently not in our system and you would like to begin receiving messages from Alpha Baptist, please send an e-mail with your contact information, and desired method of contact, to
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to receive text messages, reminders and alerts will come in the form of texts whenever possible.  However, there will still be some instances that a voice alert is the only way a group leader or minister can broadcast a message.  In those cases, you will still receive a message via voice.


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